If you have to create similar quotations for many different sales targets, you can mass create the quotations instead of creating them one-by-one. You can do this for sales quotations and project quotations. When you mass create any kind of quotation, you must base the quotation on a quotation template.

All mass created quotations are based on your customer or business relation contacts.

  1. Click > > > .

  2. In the field in the form, select template group. For more information about template groups, see About quotation templates.

  3. In the field, select template. For more information about templates, see About quotation templates.

  4. In the field, select which prices you want to use for the quotations. gives you the prices on the item card, and gives you the prices on the selected quotation template.

  5. In the field, select the expiration date for the quotations. The default value in this field is determined by the number of days that you define in the field on the form.

  6. Click the button to modify and filter the query that generates the quotations.

    Note Note

    You can filter the contacts by , and fields to select the relevant contact persons.

    If no contacts are selected or filtered, sales quotations for the customer or business relation are sent to all contacts who are associated with this customer or business relation.

    If no contacts are associated with the customer or business relation, no sales quotations are created.

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