You can design and create questionnaires to gather information serving a variety of purposes. Questionnaires are useful, for example, to:

  • Test the professional skills of employees and applicants.

  • Test course participants at the end of the course.

  • Evaluate the course, including facilities, content, and instructor.

  • Survey employee and customer satisfaction.

Design a questionnaire

The forms used to design a questionnaire are available in > > . When you design a questionnaire, do so in the following order:

  1. Create the and .

    These are the response options available to respondents when completing a questionnaire. By collecting answers in answer groups you can present respondents with more than one possible selection. For example, you can create one or more correct answers and several distracters.

  2. Create the , and their association with the answer groups.

    Questions should be designed to elicit specific information from a respondent. Answer groups provide the response options available for each question.

  3. Create the questionnaire itself, including its if you want to use points statistics.

    Result groups let you collect points associated with answers chosen during an answer session. For more information, see About result groups.

  4. From within the questionnaire, select the questions that you created in step 2.

Setup Prerequisites

Setup folder


, , ,

, , and

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