Jobs are types of jobs or roles and positions represent the individual positions held by personnel within the organization.

Setting up jobs and positions

You must set up jobs before you set up positions.

Before you create new jobs, you can set up one or more job templates. Job templates are collections of the same, or similar, types of jobs within your company. You can use a job template to define qualifications and responsibilities that apply to a specific job type and you can copy this information to new jobs. By using the job template information you can improve reporting and provide overview results on jobs in the organization.

Create a job template

  1. Click > > .

  2. Click to open the form.

  3. Press CTRL+ N to create a new line.

  4. Click the button to associate qualifications with the job template.

  5. Click the and buttons to differentiate between specific tasks required of an employee in this type of job and wider areas (or groups of tasks) that the employee is ultimately responsible for.

  6. Click the button to enter or print information about physical requirements related to the job type.

Creating jobs

When creating jobs, it's important to decide whether you want the job to be a job or a role:

  • – You can only associate jobs with organization units of the type . These jobs reflect an employee's primary employment relation.

  • – You can only affiliate roles with organization units of the type or . Roles are used to indicate duties that an employee performs in addition to their primary responsibility.

Create a job

  1. Click or , and then click .

  2. Press CTRL+N to create a new line.

  3. Click the tab, and in the field, select whether the job is a or a .

  4. Click to select a job template, or click the , , , or buttons to create an individual profile for this job.

Tip Tip

After you copy information from a job template, you can modify it to suit the new job.

Creating positions

You can specify if the positions should be for a job that has a job type or role type.

You can add an employee as a reference for a position to occupy the position. The employment period is controlled by the and the dates, and you can terminate an employment by entering a date in the field.

Create a position

  1. Click or , and then click .

  2. Press CTRL+N to create a new line.

  3. Select either or in the field.

  4. Complete the remaining fields.

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