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Use this form to create and manage the measurements that you want to use to measure and monitor progress toward an objective in a scorecard. For each measurement, you can define:

  • Goals or milestones ( values are defined for measurements from the objective to which they contribute.)

  • The calculation method formula.

  • How you want to view results ( ).

Tasks that use this form

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

View and edit a list of measurements.

General tab

View and edit information for the measurement selected on the Overviewtab.

Verify and refresh formulas for the measurement selected on the Overviewtab.

Dimension tab

View and edit dimensions for the measurement selected on the Overviewtab.




Enter an identification for the measurement.

Enter the name of the measurement.

Enter text for fast reference to the measurement Enter text to search or filter on to quickly find the measurement.

If you have created more than one measurement for the objective, you can define the importance of the current measurement relative to the others.

Specify the unit of measurement to display the measurement's value in the graphical indicator. For example, you can use the following:

  • dollars

  • euro

  • percentage

  • skill level

The identification of the related scorecard. You cannot change this value.

The identification of the related objective. You cannot change this value.

Select the graphical indicator you want to use to view the measurement's value.

Select to prevent manual posting using measurement journals. You can still automatically update the measurement.

Select to prevent all posting to the measurement.

Create the formula to calculate the transaction's value with the help of the elements.

Specify a department.

Specify a cost center.

Specify a purpose.

Enter additional information related to the measurement.




Create and manage the elements for the current measurement.

Overview posted transactions in the measurement

Create and manage the measurement summary.

Check, simulate, update or delete measurements

View various statistics for the current measurement.

Select and copy measurement elements.

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