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Use this form to select the questions that you want to use on the current questionnaire. When you do so, for each question you can:

  • Define where in the sequence of questions you want to display it by providing sequential number in the field.

  • Indicate that the question is mandatory by selecting the check box.

  • Select the method you want to use to control which result group points earned for the question are distributed.

    Note Note

    You cannot use the same question twice on a questionnaire. If you must reuse a question, create two different questions with the same text. That also allows you to evaluate the answers and their results separately according to where in the questionnaire they appear.

Tasks that use this form

Navigating the form

The following links and tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

Edit or view information about questions.

General tab

Edit or view information about the question selected on the tab.




Manage the result groups assigned for answers to the question.




Displays the identification of the questionnaire with which the question is associated.

Associate a question from the list with the questionnaire.

Specify how to calculate the result. You can choose from:

  • - Points for answers are not added to any result group.

  • - Points for answers are added to the question's result group.

  • - Points for answers are added to the answer's result group.

  • - Points for answers are added to the answer's result group if specified. Otherwise they are added to the question's result group.

Select the result group to which points from the question should be distributed. You can only choose from the groups you defined on the form.

Indicate whether the question must be answered before the questionnaire can be ended and the answers saved.

If the session is interrupted, the answers are not saved, and the questionnaire status is still .

Enter the question's number, if any, in the sequence of questions. This only has an effect if you selected in the check box on the tab of the form.

If you do not specify a sequence number, the questions are asked in the order in which they are sorted in the list.

If the current question is a secondary question, this box displays the identification of the primary question.

If you are working with About questionson your questionnaire, this is where you select the answer that triggers this question.

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