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Use this form to select a production order and run an estimate of how much it will consume in material and capacity costs. This is a mandatory step in the production life cycle and occurs after a production order is created. If you do not run cost estimation, the system calculates it automatically before it continues with the next step.

When you run the estimate, the application calculates item consumption; time consumption, item reservations, and price calculations for the whole production. When it is complete, the status of the order changes to .

Note Note

If you make any changes to the BOM, route, or quantity in a production order after you have run an estimate, you have to rerun it to update the calculations.

Tasks that use this form

Navigating the form

The following links and tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.

Enter criteria on the General tab

Prepare batch processing on the Batch tab




View the list of production orders together with profit setting and reference information.

Define the criteria you want to apply to the estimation.

Set up the criteria for running the estimation as a batch job.




Limit or define the data to be queried or acted upon.

If you do not limit the data, the program will use all relevant data.

Note Note

You can view the key entries you made in the query in the shaded display fields on the form.

Select to define default values for use in running the cost and material estimation

Start the estimation.

Cancel the entries you made in the query, and leave the query or function.

Enter changes to the starting time and date shown as default for the batch job. You can also define the range and pattern of recurring batch jobs if you want the job to be repeated periodically.




Specify which production you want to be cost-estimated. The field is filled in automatically with the value in production. You can select any production not yet estimated. Or, you can select multiple productions by clicking the .

Specify the profit-setting used in the cost-estimation. The profit-setting influences the calculation of the sales price for the items being produced on the production order. You are free to select any existing profit-setting.

For more information about profit-settings, see the Profit (form). A sales price is calculated based on the profit percentage in the attached profit-setting. The production has a series of operations attached to it through the production route. The operation is associated with a cost category that, in turn, is associated with a cost group. Each cost group can have one or more profit-settings and corresponding profit percentages.

For example:

If you attach several profit-settings to a cost group, you can categorize revenue by using certain predefined market areas, such as an earning of 20% from dealers, 35% from consumers, and so on.

If this field is marked, any production references attached to the production order will be calculated. The field is always marked on productions that have not yet been estimated.

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