Use this form to creates journal lines using the settings for counting groups for items in the inventory table and Warehouse items (form)see the Counting groups (form). You can view the posted counts directly for a particular on-hand inventory in the Counting journal (form)window.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Date for which on-hand inventory is to be counted.

Specify the maximum number of lines in the journal, as working with very large journals may be impractical. When the selected on-hand inventories are marked for counting, they can only be selected once. So you can simply generate new journals until all have all on-hand inventories.

Select if you only want to select on-hand inventories in which there have been physical transactions since the last count

Enter a date in this field to select only those items that have not been counted after the specified date.

Select a specific group to be counted.

Select this field if you only want to count on-hand inventory that satisfies counting criteria, such as .

Finally, you can also select which of the five inventory dimensions should be used in the counting journal.