You can view all types of cash transactions and cash accounting movements by using the Cash transactionsform.

  1. Click Bank> Common Forms> Cash accounts> Cash transactions.


    Click Bank > Journals > Slip journal > Lines > Functions > Transactions.


    Click Bank> Inquiries> Cash transactionsto open the Cash transactionsform.

    Note Note

    The form displays all cash transactions with a status of Confirmed, Approved, or Rejected.

  2. Click Voucherto view accounting movements for cash transactions:

    • Datefield - View the voucher date.

    • Ledger accountand Corr. accountfields - View business accounts for cash transactions.

    • Unit Currencyfield - View the cash voucher currency.

    • Currency Sumand Sumfields - View the voucher amounts in both transaction currency and default currency.

  3. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

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