1. Click Fixed assets> Periodic> Changing depreciation methodto open the Changing depreciation methodform.

  2. On the Generaltab, in the Yearfield, select the year when the new depreciation method will go into effect.

  3. In the Old depreciation profilefield, select the depreciation method that was previously used for tax accounting.

  4. In the New depreciation profilefield, select the new depreciation method to be used.

    Note Note

    You cannot specify the same depreciation method in both the Old depreciation profileand New depreciation profilefields.

  5. Click Selectto open the Inquiryform, and then enter the selection criteria for fixed assets.

  6. Click OK. The new depreciation method will be updated in the Depreciation methodfield on the Generaltab in the FA value modelsform.

    Note Note

    Click Fixed assets> Common Forms> Fixed assets> Value models> FA lifetime historyto open the FA logform to view these changes.

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