1. Click General ledger> Setup> Financial reports generator> Document templatesto open the Document templatesform.

  2. Press CRTL+N to create a new document template, or select the template to which you want to copy the new template settings.

  3. Click Functions> Copy from templateto open the Copy from templateform.

  4. In the From templatefield, select the document template from which you want to transfer the settings with a specified XML version.

    Note Note

    The new template will contain all of the sections and requisites included in the old template, and will include settings for all parameters. When you transfer settings, there could be differences in the structure of the old and new template. For example, the new template could include sections and requisites that were not in the old template. All detected differences will be saved in the database.

  5. Select the Include new structurecheck box to include the new version structure in the new template.

  6. Click OK.

  7. In the Document templatesform, click Functions> Changes reportto view the settings that were not transferred to the new templates because of differences in the template structure.

    Note Note

    This function is available only for the templates for which settings have previously been transferred.

  8. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

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