A special day is a day that falls on a typical workday, such as Monday, but that should be handled in a special way when generating pay and reporting absence. For example, in some companies December 26 (Boxing Day) might be considered a special day.

A special day can be a holiday that falls on a different date each year; therefore you can use the profile calendar to apply the special day to a specific date. In the profile calendar you can also apply a specific profile to the special day. For more information about profile calendar, see About profile calendar.

Integrating special days into pay agreements

When an employee works on a special day, he is often paid according to another pay agreement than the one normally associated with that weekday.

To handle this, you can use special days when setting up the pay agreement. You can set up a complete set of pay agreement lines for a special day, or set up special day as a delimiter on a pay agreement line. For more information, see Pay agreements.

Handling absences automatically

Special days are often days on which many employees are either not at work or only work a partial day.

To avoid supervisors having to register absence for several employees, a special day can have an absence code included. This absence code will be inserted automatically during registration calculation. For more information, see Calculating, approving, and transferring registrations.

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