The cash flow forecasting and currency requirement tools enable you to estimate the company's future need for cash. To have a reliable cash flow forecast, you need to:

  • Identify and list all the liquidity accounts, which are the company's cash or cash-equivalent accounts.

  • Identify and set up the forecasts of transactions that affect the company's liquidity accounts.

You can then calculate, view, and print cash flow forecasts; you can also calculate and display currency requirement.

You can choose a simple setup for cash flow forecasts, or you can use parameters to forecast cash flow in many areas.

The following topics provide information about tasks that are related to forecasting cash flow and currency requirements.

About the cash flow statement

Set up liquidity accounts

Set up a cash flow forecast for sales and purchases

Set up dependent cash flow forecasts in ledger accounts

Include budgets in cash flow forecasts

Calculate, view, and print a cash flow forecast

Calculate and display currency requirements