1. Click > Common Forms> to open the form.

  2. Press CTRL+N, and then follow the process for creating a new return order.

    Note Note

    For information about creating a new return order, see Create a return order.

  3. Click > to open the form.

  4. If you want to narrow down the list of invoices, use the fields.

  5. On the tab, click the original sales order that is associated with the return order.

  6. If all of the items from the sales order are being returned, select the box in the sales order row in the upper grid.


    If only some of the items in the order are being returned, select their boxes in the lower grid and optionally adjust the quantity.

  7. Click OKto close the form, which will add the items that you selected to the return order.

Note Note

The quantity will be a negative number when added to the return order line.

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