If your organization requires indirect items (items that are not required by master planning), you can submit purchase requisitions for those items. A purchase requisition is a document that authorizes the purchasing department to buy items. The purchasing department can use purchase requisitions to generate the actual purchase orders for the items. Purchase requisitions are internal documents, whereas purchase orders are the equivalent external documents that the purchasing department submits to vendors.

You can select items from product catalogs that contain only items that are relevant for purchase requisitions. For more information about product catalogs for purchase requisitions, see About product catalogs for purchase requisitions. You also can request both catalog items and non-catalog items using purchase requisitions. For more information about creating purchase requisitions, see Create a purchase requisition.

Purchase requisitions require that you define a purchase requisition workflow. This workflow controls the approval process of the purchase requisition from when it is submitted to Workflow until it is approved, after which purchase orders are created and submitted to vendors. The purchase requisition workflow must represent the business process for purchase requisitions in your company; it must define how purchase requisitions flow through your organization by determining who can process and approve purchase requisitions. For more information about purchase requisition Workflow, see Overview of a purchase requisition workflow.

You can create purchase requisitions in both Enterprise Portal and the Microsoft Dynamics AX client. For more information about Enterprise Portal, see the Help for that product.

Before you can create purchase requisitions, you must set up purchase requisition information in your system. For more information, see Setting up and maintaining purchase requisitions.