Recruitment projects provide a framework to help you manage your recruitment process, and can contain information on:

  • Type of resources sought

  • Responsible employee

  • Expected end date

  • Media used

  • Applications received

  • Interviews with applicants

  • Project status

  • Developments in the project, position, or application

Use application documents

Communicating with applicants can be simplified by using merge files that contain information such as the applicant's name, address, and position sought. The merge file can then be used, for example, to confirm receipt of applications or call in applicants for an interview.

Display a job advertisement on Enterprise Portal

Before displaying an advertisement for an available position on Enterprise Portal, you must first:

  • Enter the advertisement text by clicking > .

  • Specify the length of time that you want to display the advertisement by entering a deadline in the field.

After this is completed, on the tab in the field, select the check box.

Applications received in response to the advertisement are available in the dialog box, where you can review and approve the information before you transfer it to the form.

Setup Prerequisites

Setup Folder


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