To help make data entry more flexible, you can enter a transaction on one date, and then put it on hold to prevent users from posting it until a specified date. This is useful if you have an agreement with a customer about when a transaction can be posted.

To prevent a transaction from being posted until a specified date, enter a release date, until which the transaction is on hold. You can edit and save transactions that are on hold, but you cannot post them unless you first remove the hold.

  1. Click > Common Forms>


    > > > >


    > > >


    Click in any bill of exchange journal ( > > ).

  2. In the field, enter the date when the transaction is no longer on hold and becomes available for posting.

    To remove a hold on a transaction, you can clear the entry in this field. Any user can clear the release date, regardless of who initially entered it.

  3. Press CTRL+S to save the transaction.

About the release date in different time zones

If your organization includes users who work across multiple time zones, the date and time when a transaction is released from a hold is based on the time zone of the user who most recently modified the value. Because the transactions are released at midnight on the specified date in that user's time zone, the actual date and time of the release will be adjusted accordingly for users in other time zones.


On December 31 in New York, a user puts a transaction on hold at noon Eastern Time, and enters a release date of January 1 (the next day). The transaction is set up to be on hold until midnight Eastern Time, so the user must wait 12 hours for the transaction to be released.

Users in London, which is five hours ahead of New York, also must wait 12 hours. However, because the transaction was put on hold at 17:00 Greenwich Mean Time on December 31, the transaction will not be released until 05:00 Greenwich Mean Time on January 1.

For users in Seattle, which is three hours behind New York, the transaction was put on hold at 09:00 Pacific Time on December 31. When the transaction is released 12 hours later (at 21:00 Pacific Time), it will still be December 31 for these users.

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