There are several possibilities for creating a refill pallet transport:

Note Note

If you have set up automatic refill, you do not need to run this batch job.

If you want the program to automatically activate the refill transport, open the Store area form for the picking area and select the Automatic activation field.

You specify the minimum quantity required for your picking location in the in the Warehouse items form.

Activate refill pallet transports

You can create a refill pallet transport manually from > > > .

However, you can also specify automatic activation of refill pallet transports from the tab on > > > . When has been selected, pallet refill transports are created and activated automatically when:

  • A picking route is activated.

  • A picking route is started.

  • A refill pallet transport is completed.

  • During picking, the quantity becomes less than the minimum refill quantity.

The refill check routine examines whether the physical on-hand quantity at the picking location is less that the minimum refill quantity. Picking lines in status as well as status are considered.

To ensure that the number of pallets at the picking location do not grow excessively, you can set up a maximum storage capacity on the tab of the form ( > > button > ). This maximum can only be exceeded if a manual refill is executed.

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