The Graphic Design Institute has bought a color printer from A. Datum Corporation

and wants to have it serviced on a quarterly basis.

At A. Datum Corporation, Dave, the service manager, must verify the following:

  • The Graphic Design Institute has been set up as a customer.

  • An invoice project has been set up in where the Graphic Design Institute is referenced as the customer.

Because service transactions have to be recorded and invoiced through a project, Dave creates a project to be attached to the service agreement. The project type can be any type except a Time project. (A)

After this, Dave sets up the color printer as a service object, that is, an object that can be serviced in the Service system. (B)

Dave now creates a service agreement and attaches to it the project he has just created. He specifies the duration of the service agreement and sets himself as the person ultimately responsible for the service agreement. (C)

He then creates a relation from the service agreement to the color printer service object. (D)

After this, Dave must create the service agreement line for the color printer service object and attach the service object on the service agreement line. The service object (the color printer) is made available for selection on the new service agreement line through the service object relation that Dave created in the previous step. (E)

On the service agreement lines, service intervals are specified. The service intervals determine how frequently service order lines are created when service orders are set to be created automatically. (F)

The fire insurance of the Graphic Design Institute states a specific electrical check procedure for all power-based devices. Therefore, the service agreement must include a task that covers this procedure.

Dave sets up the electrical check procedure as a service task. (G)

He then creates a task relation to the electrical check procedure service task, adds a line to the service agreement to cover the check procedure, and attaches the service task on the service agreement line. (H)

These are the steps that Dave must perform to create a service agreement:

A Create a project

B Create service objects

C Create service agreements

D Create service object relations

E Create service-agreement lines manually

F About service intervals

G Create service tasks

H Create service task relations

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