1. Click > > > to open the form.

  2. Locate the order line that corresponds to the returned item that you are inspecting.

    Note Note

    A quarantine order can only be associated with a single item number. If ten items with different item numbers are returned in a single shipment and sent to quarantine, ten individual quarantine orders will be created.

  3. After examining the item, make a selection in the field to indicate what should be done with the item and how the related financial transaction should be handled. Examples include returning the item to stock and refunding the customer, scrapping the item and sending a replacement to the customer, or returning the item to the customer without credit.

    Note Note

    If multiple returned items in a single item number batch cannot be assigned the same disposition code, you must split the quarantine order ( > )in order to assign a different disposition code to each sub-batch.

  4. When you are finished with the inspection, click to release the returned items and create an item arrival journal entry. The person or department that received the items will then process the journal for the items to be returned to inventory.


    End the quarantine order and move the items back into inventory directly using one of the button functions.

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