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Use this form to create action type templates. Templates eliminate the need to individually create multiple actions when you frequently create a particular set of actions, define a set automatic action for a reference type, or automatically create a particular set of action plans for an form. For more information about action plans, see Action plans (form).

Templates usually consist of several action types. When you create a new template, click to set up each action that you want the template to create.

When you create actions using the template, one action will be created for each action type in the template.

Note Note

Helping a new employee get settled usually involves ensuring that he or she receives a computer, office supplies, furniture, telephone, and so on. You can set up an action type template that creates these actions automatically, thereby eliminating the need to remember the sequence and categories of the actions.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

View a list of available templates.

General tab

View and edit information about the selected template.




Enter an identification code for the action type template.

Enter a description of the action type template.

Use the priority from the template lines.

Use the description from the template lines.

Use the contact responsible from the template lines.




Create and manage actions in the template.

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