1. Click General ledger> Journals> General journalto open the Journalform.

  2. Press CTRL+N to create a new journal line, or select an existing journal line to generate a transaction.

  3. Click Sad documentsto open the Sad documentsform.

  4. On the Overviewtab, in the SAD Numberfield, enter a number for the SAD document.

  5. In the SAD datefield, select a date for the SAD document.

  6. In the Datefield, enter the transaction date.

  7. In the Date of VAT registerfield, enter the transaction date for the VAT register period.

    Note Note

    The date in the Date of VAT registerfield indicates when to include the transaction in the tax report.

  8. In the Duty governmentfield, select a vendor who represents customs authority.

  9. In the Misc. paymentsfield, enter the amount to be paid to the customs authority. This amount should be in the default company currency.

  10. Click the Generaltab.

  11. In the Transportfield, select a vendor account for transport.

  12. In the Transportfield, enter the amount for transport costs.

    Note Note

    This amount is in the default company currency. During posting, it is added to the tax amounts for each document position that is specified in the tax percent fields on the Positions of SADtab, and also to the miscellaneous payment amount that is entered in the Misc. paymentsfield.

  13. In the Currencyfield, select the currency code for the document.

  14. In the Exchange ratefield, enter the exchange rate for the currency.

  15. On the Positions of SADtab, in the Positionfield, enter the line number of the document.

  16. In the Base for SADfield, enter the special tax amount for each position in order to increase the sales tax amount.

  17. In the Dutyand Excisefields, enter the percentage of tax applied to the base for SAD.

  18. In the Sales tax codefield, select the code for the sales tax that is applied to SAD.

  19. In the Sales tax amountfield, view the sales tax amount that is calculated automatically, depending on the base amount, duties, and transport amount. It can be adjusted manually.

  20. In the Amount currencyfield, view the amount calculated as the total for lines per position number.

  21. On the Invoices for SAD – ledgertab, in the Invoice datefield, select the date of invoice.

  22. In the Invoicefield, enter a unique code for the invoice.

  23. In the Vendor accountfield, select a vendor account.

  24. In the Totalfield, view the total amount that is calculated based on the amounts in lines for each invoice number.

  25. On the Items from SAD documenttab, in the Invoicefield, select the line number of the SAD document setup in Position of SADtab.

  26. In the Item commodity codefield, select the code for the item that is included in the vendor invoice.

    Note Note

    You must set up item codes, item names, and ledger accounts in the Items codes for SADform ( General ledger> Setup> Sad documents> Items codes for SAD).

  27. In the Amount currencyfield, enter the amount in document currency for each item position.

  28. In the Invoicefield, select the invoice code setup in Invoices for SAD – ledgertab.

  29. Click CREATE SAD TRANSACTIONSto generate the transactions for the current document.

    Note Note

    New journal lines that represent SAD document postings are created in the General journal linesform for the selected journal line. You can validate and post the created journal line for SAD document.

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