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If you need to reflect VAT in the purchase ledger for an advance holder's personal expenses, such as the standard part of per diem expenses, you can use the Generate facture by expense accountfunction.

Use this form to generate factures for charges made by advance holders that are reflected in the purchase ledger.

Tasks that use this form

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.





View or enter the facture details for advance holders.


View the details of the officials for printing in corresponding columns of the output advance report.


Indicates the print parameter for a facture in the standard currency.

Advance report

View the list of advance reports for invoicing. The advance reports that are selected will be factured during processing.

Advance report lines

View the selected advance report lines that will be printed on the facture.


View and modify the delivery address.


View invoices according to the setup stipulated in the Overviewtab.

Invoice lines

View invoice lines that are included in update facture.

Misc. charges

View the miscellaneous charge details registered under the invoice.

Records affected

View the lines marked for invoicing.





Select from one of the following options:

  • Update and print–Print and post a facture for expense reports.

  • Update–Generate a facture without printing a document.

  • Print–Print a facture without posting.


Select from one of the following options:

  • Mark all– Select all advance reports for processing.

  • Unmark all– Clear all advance reports for invoicing.

Alt. address

Create or update alternative addresses.

Facture overview

Preview the facture that will be created.





Select the advance holder code.


Select the current currency code.

Credit note

Select this check box to process only credit note (reverse invoices) invoices in the Update factureform.

Note Note

This value is enabled by default if the invoice was posted by credit note.

VAT on payment

Select this check box to collect VAT for reimbursement after the facture payment.

Corrective document

Select this check box if the facture is a corrected document for a previously created facture.


Enter the facture number.

Date of the registration

Select the date that the facture was registered.

Facture date

Select the date that the facture was created.

Note Note

You cannot enter this date if the Same ascheck box is selected.


Select the account number of the shipper.


Select the account number of the consignee.

Same as

Select this check box if the facture date is the same as the date of registration.


The position of the official.

Employee name

The name of the employee.

Job title

The job title of the employee.

Print in national currency

Select this check box to print in standard currency (when the advance report is in a currency different from the primary one).

To facture

Select this check box to include an advance report or advance report line in a facture.

Advance report

The advance report number.

Advance purpose

The purpose of the advance report.


The advance report posting date.


The amount of the advance report.

For processing

The amount including VAT for processing the advance report.

For processing (VAT)

The VAT amount for invoicing the advance report.

Street name

Enter the street name of the address.

ZIP/postal code

Select the ZIP/postal code.


Enter the city name.


Select a county within a state in the current county/region.


Select the state within the current country/region.


Select the native country/region in connection with the addresses.

To facture(Invoice)

The invoices marked in this field are included in the facture.

Purchase order

The purchase order number that the invoice is attached to.


The invoice number.


The invoice date.

Invoice amount

The total amount of invoice.


The voucher number that the transaction is attached to.

Fully factured

Specifies that the advance report lines are completely factured.

Note Note

You cannot select the To facturecheck box for these lines.

Item (Invoice lines)

The item code in the invoice line.

Description (Invoice lines)

The item description in the invoice line.

Quantity (Invoice lines)

The invoice line quantity.

Unit price (Invoice lines)

The item unit price in the invoice line.

Amount (Invoice lines)

The amount by invoice line, including the discount.

Invoice (Invoice)

The invoice number.

Invoice amount (Invoice)

The invoice amount with taxes.

Date (Invoice)

The invoice date.

Voucher (Invoice)

The ledger document number that corresponds to invoice.

Fully factured (Invoice lines)

This field indicates whether the facture was updated by invoice line.

To facture (Invoice lines)

Select invoice lines to be included in the facture.

Document number

The number of the document confirming the expenses that were incurred.

Document name

The document name from the advance report line.

Ledger account

The general ledger account number from the advance report line.


The number of days of per diem expenses.


The amount of the advance report line.

Sales tax amount

The sales tax amount for an advance report line.

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