A child section or subsection is related to a parent section in terms of the value of a field. These section types are used in XML reporting formats. Child sections can also be dynamic. For example, the first section in the Transportation Tax declaration contains final data, and the second section contains the decoding of the final data. Both sections contain a field for Russian National Classifier of Administrative and Territorial Subdivisions (OKATO); however, the two sections are related only if their OKATOvalues are the same.

  1. Click General ledger> Setup> Financial reports generator> Document templatesto open the Document templatesform.

  2. Click Setup, and then click Opento open the Requisites setupform. The specified Microsoft Office Excel sheet opens in the lower section of the form.

  3. Press CTRL+N to create a dynamic requisite for the child section.

  4. In the Sectionfield, select the parent section to which you have to add a requisite, and then set up a dynamic table with an area that includes all section lines. You can select the parent section on the Overviewor Treetab.

  5. In the Reference to valuefield of the dynamic requisite of the child section, select the correct requisite of the parent section that will link the sections.

    Note Note

    The field is available only for report formats with version 4 or above that are set up in the Periods of formats applicationform.

  6. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

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