Partial deliveries are defined in terms of return order lines, not return order shipments. That is, if you receive the full quantity that is indicated on one return order line but nothing from the other lines in the return order, the delivery is not a partial delivery. However, if a return order line calls for ten units of a particular item to be returned, for example, but you receive only four, it is a partial delivery.

If a return shipment contains less than the full quantity of a return order line, you can set the shipment aside and wait for the rest of the returned quantity to arrive, or you can register and post the partial quantity.

Register and post a partial quantity

  1. After you select a return order for arrival on the form, click the button to create the arrival journal, and then click > to open the form.

  2. Select the line of the journal that you want to work with, and then click to open the form.

  3. Select the line of the item number for which only a partial quantity has arrived, and then click > to open the form.

  4. In the field, type the quantity for the total number of items received, and then click OK.

  5. On the form, select the line for the quantity of items that has arrived, and then click .

You can post the line for the additional quantity after the items arrive.

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