Each document stored in the Electronic documents list can exist in an unlimited number of versions, saved in hierarchical order. Document versions can differ depending on the way they were created.

  1. Click General ledger> Reports> External> Electronic documents listto open the Documentsform.

  2. On the Overviewtab, select the document.

  3. Click View, and then click Opento open the Versionform. The Microsoft Office Excel document opens in the Documenttab.

    Note Note

    The Viewbutton is activated only when the document is in Received, Approved, or Finishedstatus.

  4. Click Functions> Compareto open Select versionform.

  5. Select the versions to be compared from the list or the version tree, and then click OK.

    • On the Requisitestab, you can view a list of differences between the values of requisites.

    • On the Documenttab, you can view the compared values and numeric differences, highlighted with comments.

  6. In the Versionform, click Functions> Checkto verify that the structure of sections and requisites correspond to the structure of the appropriate document template, and that the requisite values correspond to the extended data types in the settings.

    • Discrepancies in the structure and requisites are displayed in a Dialogform.

    • On the Requisitestab, you can review a list of requisites that do not meet the conditions of the specified extended data types, or instances in which an extended data type is not set. Select With errorsin the Showfield.

    • Comments are shown on the Documenttab. The error message is displayed in the note.

  7. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

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