The Microsoft Dynamics AX forms listed in the following table for Russia have been modified. Refer to the following form topics for information about the new changes that have been incorporated into the forms.

For more information about each of the forms, refer to the Applications and Business Processes Help.

Form names

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Account group - Ledger posting groups

(RUS) Account group - Ledger posting groups (modified form)

Accounts payable parameters

(RUS) Accounts payable parameters (modified form)

Accounts receivable parameters

(RUS) Accounts receivable parameters (modified form)

Adjustment of on-hand inventory

(RUS) Adjustment of on-hand inventory (modified form)


(RUS) Balance (modified form)

Bank account reconciliation

(RUS) Bank account reconciliation (modified form)

Bank account statement

(RUS) Bank account statement (modified form)

Bank accounts

(RUS) Bank accounts (modified form)

Bank parameters

(RUS) Bank parameters (modified form)

Bank transaction type

(RUS) Bank transaction type (modified form)

Bank transactions

(RUS) Bank transactions (modified form)

Bill of Lading

(RUS) Bill of Lading (modified form)

Commission calculation

(RUS) Commission calculation (modified form)

Company information

(RUS) Company information (modified form)

Copy lines to a new journal

(RUS) Copy lines to a new journal (modified form)


(RUS) Country/region (modified form)


(RUS) County (modified form)

Customer payment journal lines

(RUS) Customer payment journal lines (modified form)

Customer transactions

(RUS) Customer transactions (modified form)

Exchange rates

(RUS) Exchange rates (modified form)

Form setup

(RUS) Form setup (modified form)

Free text invoice

(RUS) Free text invoice (modified form)

General journal lines

(RUS) General journal lines (modified form)

General ledger parameters

(RUS) General ledger parameters (modified form)

Inventory journal

(RUS) Inventory journal (modified form)

Inventory model groups

(RUS) Inventory model groups (modified form)

Inventory parameters

(RUS) Inventory parameters (modified form)

Inventory posting

(RUS) Inventory posting (modified form)

Inventory settlements

(RUS) Inventory settlements (modified form)

Inventory transaction posting

(RUS) Inventory transaction posting (modified form)

Inventory voucher transactions

(RUS) Inventory voucher transactions (modified form)

Invoice Journal

(RUS) Invoice Journal (modified form)

Invoice journal lines

(RUS) Invoice journal lines (modified form)

Journal header

(RUS) Journal header (modified form)

Journal lines, inventory lines

(RUS) Journal lines, inventory lines (modified form)

Journal lines, Inventory profit/loss

(RUS) Journal lines, Inventory profit/loss (modified form)

Journal names, Inventory movement

(RUS) Journal names, Inventory movement (modified form)

Ledger voucher transactions

(RUS) Ledger voucher transactions (modified form)

Methods of payment

(RUS) Methods of payment (modified form)

Open-transaction editing in several currencies

(RUS) Open-transaction editing in several currencies (modified form)

Payment purpose codes

(RUS) Payment purpose codes (modified form)

Purchase form setup

(RUS) Purchase form setup (modified form)

Purchase orders

(RUS) Purchase orders (modified form)

Purchase packing slip journal

(RUS) Purchase packing slip journal (modified form)

Purchase posting

(RUS) Purchase posting (modified form)

Sales invoice journal

(RUS) Sales invoice journal (modified form)

Sales orders

(RUS) Sales orders (modified form)

Sales tax codes

(RUS) Sales tax codes (modified form)

Sales tax settlement periods

(RUS) Sales tax settlement periods (modified form)

Sales tax transactions

(RUS) Sales tax transactions (modified form)

Settlements for voucher

(RUS) Settlements for voucher (modified form)

Settlements in the transactions

(RUS) Settlements in the transactions (modified form)


(RUS) State (modified form)

Supplementary sales items

(RUS) Supplementary items (modified form)

Terms of payment

(RUS) Terms of payment (modified form)

Trade agrmt.

(RUS) Trade agrmt. (modified form)

Vendor exchange adjustment

(RUS) Vendor exchange adjustment (modified form)

Vendor payment journal lines

(RUS) Vendor payment journal lines (modified form)

Vendor payment proposal - Edit

(RUS) Vendor payment proposal - Edit (modified form)

Vendor transactions

(RUS) Vendor transactions (modified form)


(RUS) Vendors (modified form)

Voucher transactions

(RUS) Voucher transactions (modified form)